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The Talk

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The Lean Web is infinitely quote-worthy.- Chris Coyier
Chris Ferdinandi just mic-dropped the opening to the #JSforWPConf Great session!- Steven Slack
I've been working in the web for over twenty years and this talk is one of the best I've ever heard. Superbly well-balanced and (for those who were listening properly πŸ˜‰) a great call to pay attention to all the technical options, not just the newer ones.- Mark Howells-Mead
Very good talk about Lean Web! Thank you!!- Bob Herring
I may or may not be yelling β€œAmen!” at the screen.- Trey Piepmeier
Excellent talk from #JSforWPconf. Super important points and really happy to see focus and importance shown to #a11y issues. Thanks for the talk Chris.- Barry Conlon
We need more people like Chris, who not only have this mindset that we need to stick to the basics of JavaScript, but are willing to evangelize it.- David Walsh